Systematics of Boraginaceae

Antiphytum DC. ex Meisner

Pl. Vasc. Gen. [Meisner] 280 (1840)

anti, against, in place of/contra, en lugar de + phytum, plant/planta

Amblynotopsis J.F.Macbr., Contr. Gray Herb. 48: 41. 1916
Amphibologyne Brand, 1931
Chamissoniophila Brand, 1929
Thaumatocaryon Baill. Bull. Mens. Soc. Linn. Paris 839. 1890

Type Species/EspeciesTipo:
Antiphytum cruciatum (Cham.) A.DC. (see Johnston, 1923)

From / De GBIF. 2017. Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

Species/Especies (NA=North / Norte America; SA=South / Sur America)
Antiphytum brevicalyx N.Mend., FloresOlv. & H. Ochoterena NA (Mexico)
Antiphytum caespitosum I.M.Johnst. NA (Mexico)
Antiphytum charruasorum N.Mend. & MarinaDíaz SA (Uruguay)
Antiphytum cruciatum (Cham.) A.DC. SA (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay)
Antiphytum ehrenbergii (Brand) Govaerts NA (Mexico)
Antiphytum floribundum (Torr.) A.Gray NA (Mexico, USA: New Mexico, Texas)
Antiphytum fruticosum Moc. ex A.DC. NA (Mexico)
Antiphytum goeffreyi N.Mend. & FloresOlv. NA (Mexico)
Antiphytum heliotropioides A.DC. NA (Mexico, USA: Texas)
Antiphytum hintoniorum L.C.Higgins & B.L.Turner NA (Mexico)
Antiphytum humilis (Brand) Govaerts NA (Mexico)
Antiphytum nudicalces I.M.Johnst. NA (Mexico)
Antiphytum paniculatum I.M.Johnst. NA (Mexico)
Antiphytum parryi S.Watson NA (Mexico)
Antiphytum peninsulare (Rose) I.M.Johnst. NA (Mexico)
Antiphytum stoechadifolium (Cham.) A.DC.
     [=Antiphytum cruciatum (Cham.) A.DC., sensu Johnston 1923]

Antiphytum bornmuelleri Pilg.   
Antiphytum bornmuelleri
Pilg. var. asperior Pilg.  
Antiphytum linifolium A.DC.
Antiphytum mexicanum A.DC.
Antiphytum tetraquetrum (Cham.) I.M.Johnst.
Antiphytum walpersii A.DC.
=Antiphytum tetraquetrum (Cham.) A.DC.   
=Antiphytum tetraquetrum (Cham.) A.DC.   
=Plagiobothrys kunthii (J.F.Macbride) I.M.Johnst.   
=Heliotropium calcicola Fernald   NA (Mexico)
=Thaumatocaryon tetraquetrum (Cham.) I.M.Johnst.
=Plagiobothrys kunthii (J.F.Macbride) I.M.Johnst.   

Key/Clave (modified after/de Johnston 1923)

Leaves all opposite; corolla bluish; South American
   Inflorescences with only the terminal flower of each dichasial branching; corollas white; eremocarp cicatrix infra-ventral ... A. charruasorum
   Inflorescences with flowers in scorpioid cymes; corollas blue; eremocarp cicatrix basal
      Leaves 15.0–30.0 x 3.0–6.0 mm, oblanceolate; eremocarps 1.3–1.4 x 1.0–1.1 mm ... A. cruciatum
      Leaves 25.0–50.0 x 0.15–1.0 mm, linear; eremocarps 1.8–2.0 x 1.4–1.6 mm ... A. stoechadifolium
Leaves alternate at least above; corolla yellow or white; Mexican
   Calyx lobes shorter than corolla tube ... A. brevicalyx
   Calyx lobes equal to longer than corolla tube
      Pedicels elongating, becoming 5-10 mm long; leaves alternate only in the inflorescence; corolla with definite tube and faucal appendages ... A. heliotropioides
      Pedicels not elongatmg, at most 5 mm long; leaves in basal rosettes, alternate, or only lowermost opposite
         Corolla subrotate, throat broad and open, tube practically undeveloped; appendages lacking, stamens exposed
            Stems strictly erect, 3-8 dm high; basal leaves few, oblanceolate to linear-oblanceolate, canescent, 3-10 mm broad ... A. floribundum
            Stems decumbent, less than 2 dm tall; basal leaves numerous, crowded, very narrowly linear, silvery, 1-2 mm broad ... A. paniculatum
         Corolla salverform, tube cylindrical and well developed; appendages well developed; stamen included and hidden
            Corolla white; fruiting calyx 8 mm long, sparsely strigose-hispid; plant bushy, about 5 dm tall
               Inflorescence position basal; corolla limb diameter 4.7–5.0 mm ... A. geoffreyi
               Inflorescence position distal; corolla limb diameter 10.0–12.0 mm ... A. peninsulare
            Corolla yellow; fruiting calyx 2-5 mm long, densely strigose; plant caespitose or with a prostrate shrubby caudex, 1-2 dm high
               Plant with a loosely branched shrubby caudex; leaves not in basal rosettes, all cauline ... A. nudicalces
               Plant densely caespitose; basal leaves in dense rosettes
                  Corolla about 5 mm broad; style surpassing nutlets; fruiting calyx 3-4 mm long ... A. caespitosum
                  Corolla about 1 mm broad; style not surpassing nutlets; fruiting calyx 2-3 mm long ... A. parryi

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