Cercocarpus minutiflorus

Cercocarpus minutiflorus Abrams

San Diego Mountain-Mahogany

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Protologue: Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 37: 149 (1910)
Pronunciation: Cer-co-càr-pus mi-nu-ti-fló-rus
Etymology: Gr. kerkos, tail, + karpos, fruit, in reference to the achene with a tail-shaped, accrescent style

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Cercocarpus minutiflorus
Plant habit a tall shrub. Note ascending branches.

Cercocarpus minutiflorus
Note leaves, with basal entire margins and apical toothed margin.
In flower. Note elongate ovary and cup-shaped hypanthium.

Cercocarpus minutiflorus
Fruit, an achene with a long, plumose (tail-like) style.

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