Adenostoma fasciculatum

Adenostoma fasciculatum Hooker & Arnott


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Protologue: Bot. Beechey Voy.: 139 (1832)
Pronunciation: A-de-nò-sto-ma fas-ci-cu-là-tum
Etymology: "gland mouth" + fasciculate, with leaves in short shoots

Jepson eFlora Treatment

SD County Synoptic Vouchers: A. f. var. fasciculatum, A. f. var. obtusifolium

Key to varieties (after the Jepson eFlora)

Plants low, mounded; branches decumbent ; CCo, ChI ..... var. prostratum
Plants tall, not mounded; branches erect to ascending ; NCoR, CaRF, SN, CW, SW
    Twigs glabrous (hairy); leaves generally linear to oblanceolate, 5–13 mm, tips generally acute-acuminate ..... var. fasciculatum
    Twigs hairy; leaves oblanceolate to club-like, 2–6.5 mm, tips generally obtuse-mucronate ..... var. obtusifolium

Left: S.D. County Plant Atlas ( Right: CCH2. Click to see current herbarium records.  

Adenostoma fasciculatum
Left: Whole shrub in flower.
Right: Close-up of linear to oblanceolate, semi-terete, mucronulate leaves, arranged in fascicles (fasciculate).

Adenostoma fasciculatum
Close-up of flowers. Note encircling gland at mouth of hypanthium, source of the genus name.

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