SDSU Mediterranean Garden

SDSU Mediterranean Garden

Image of fountain in SDSU Mediterranean Garden

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Labels will resemble this example (below).
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Map showing the five Mediterranean ecosystems of the world
The Five Mediterranean Ecosystems of the World

   The SDSU Mediterranean Garden is a collection of plants from the five Mediterranean Ecosystems around the world, all of which have wet, mild winters and warm, dry summers. The five regions are: California Floristic Province, Central Chile, Mediterranean Sea Basin, South African Cape Region, and Southwestern & Southern Australia.
    Plants of Mediterranean climates have adaptations to surviving the hot, dry summers. The leaves of perennials tend be sclerophyllous, i.e., with a thick cuticle and typically considerable fiber tissue. In some taxa the leaves are quite small (microphyllous). However, much variation occurs in growth form. Convergent evolution has occurrred among the species of the five mediterranean ecosytems, driven by common selective pressures in similar environmental conditions.
    These collections of mediterranean ecosystem plants have value for teaching, research, and aesthetics. Highlights of the SDSU Mediterranean Garden are the fountain, a gift from the senior class of 1997; brick patios and tables, a gift from the senior class of 1998, the South African rock garden and benches, a gift from the senior class gift of 1999, and tables donated by the Dept. of Biology and the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. The Gardens have become a popular place on campus, enjoyed by students, staff, faculty, and visitors.
    Feel free to contact Drs. Lluvia Flores-Rentería ( or Michael Simpson ( for further information.

Map of the SDSU Mediterranean Garden

Google Map coordinates
of the location of the SDSU Mediterranean Garden

See this video presentation by Dr. Flores-Rentería for a tour of the SDSU Mediterranean Garden, discussing the plants and their adaptations of the five ecosytems represented.

Species lists and further information on the five mediterranean ecosystems:
 (in progress; to be completed)

Mediterranean Basin
South Africa

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